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Weekly news

qwerty5 posted Mon at 9:29

Yup tattens sword was in the green chest! All 'lucky' players should have been sorted out by now.

So whats happened this week? AriesAridity and ScorpioSundae became llamas, devymetal got swarmed by bees, there is a new treasure hunt at spawn (9 clues and a great prize!).

Also voter rank has just been added - this lets you change your name colour and gives you potion particles when you die (more may be added later), this rank costs 100 vote points (you get 1 point per vote so 5 points per day).

As always any suggestions are welcome.

XcodecX Newbie Voter, not Votor

New server updates...

qwerty5 posted Jun 12, 17

Ok i wrote this once and it got deleted some how so im not gonna tell you about the updates (most players know about them anyways)!

Ok so on to the good stuff, you may have noticed 3 chests at spawn? The rules are simple, collect your ticket from the dispenser and place it in the chest of your choice! Tatten's sword is in one of the chests, all players who place their ticket in that chest will win a copy of the sword! This game ends fri 16th june.

(all winning players will get the sword shortly after)

Good luck everyone :)

Tatten Engineer And a beauty she is.

Slowly getting there

qwerty5 posted May 1, 17

In the name of progress RPG lives is going to be removed, sorry but it had to be done - im currently looking for something with a similar mechanic that will add to the RP.

On a happier note - Titles are finding their way to Nightfall!! Simply craft a title box with a nether star to recieve a random title scroll. To get boxes youll have to defeat the title herald - Esmarelda currently sells his spawn egg.

Thats it for now - good luck :)

Nightfall re-work

qwerty5 posted Apr 25, 17

As you may or may not know - a lot is about to change on the server. Ranks will change to professions, this means you can only select 1 perk at a time and will have to craft a profession scroll to change between them hopefully encouraging players to help each other.

Custom enchants will be removed/ replaced - Mcmmo (and vamp+ww) will be replaced with skills pro - this allows players to choose a class and level up gaining perks along the way. Races may be added again with levels and a small skill tree.

Lastly title books will find their way on the server allowing you to add a title to your chat name. Im hoping to get most of this done on the weekend so please be paitient with server restarts etc - thanks :)


Danomega Trainer Instead of removing mcmmo for Skills Pro, you could just remove the combat skills from mcmmo (axes, swords, archery, una...
Empyrean_Xx Is the map going to be reset?

Fruit and bush update!

qwerty5 posted Mar 29, 17

Ok so a cabbage isnt exactly a fruit but glossing over that.

After looking at exotic garden slime fun plugin i decided to make some fruit bushes in game that spawn randomly. Simply right click the bush to recieve 1-3 fruit. Each fruit feeds you for 1 hunger currently although there are plans to get custom crafting recipes!

Just watch out for any fruit spiders that may be lurking about >:)

CyanideLuna Oh dear, you're obsessed with fruit now :')